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20 points

10 points

10 points

10 points

20 points

10 points

10 points

 5 points

 5 points

1. There will be a panel of five (5) judges per category, who shall decide the points to be awarded for each contestant using the following criteria:


    Visual Impact                                 

    Presentation / Portability                   




    Clarity of Theme                           

    Use of Colour                              

    Spirit of Carnival                         

2. Frontline Costumes must NOT be more that 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide.

3. All Costumes MUST be carried by the masquerader. (No Wheels)

4. Judges will be in possession of all the Rules and Regulations. This is the responsibility of the Head Judge for use of determination of all rules to be applied.

5. The Head Judge will be responsible for ensuring that the Rules and Regulations are understood by the judges.


6. The decision of the Judges is FINAL.




ORIGINALITY (20 points)

  • The ability to conceptualize and present an original and differ design, unique in its own rights.

VISUAL IMPACT (10 points)

  • The impression that is created as a presentation/portrayal comes into one’s range of vision and the effect produced throughout the whole performance.


  • The way the portrayal/presentation unfolds as it goes across the judging point and the way the theme is established throughout the performance.

  • The performer's ability to carry the costume effortlessly.


AUTHENTICITY (10 points)

  • The skills displayed by a designer or costume maker in depicting a presentation/portrayal that is a true or genuine production of the theme that is presented.


CREATIVITY (20 points)

  • The inventive or creative skills displayed by a designer or costume maker in depicting a presentation/portrayal arising from an imaginative thought or idea.



  • The skills and materials used by the designer or costume maker in perfecting the theme, form, colour, mobility and neatness in achieving the finished product of a presentation/portrayal.


CLARITY OF THEME (10 points)

  • The ability to transform the concept into a visual presentation provide a clear outlook of want is being portrayed.


USE OF COLOUR (5 points)

  • The way the colours blend and are used to transform the portrayal in depicting the theme.



  • The ability to engage the movement of the costume to the rhythm of Soca music.




1. All entrants would be videotaped and photographed. House of Culture and Mas Factor reserves the right to the use of all material taken from the competition/event and can be used for its promotional and marketing use only. The rights of the designers and competitors will be protected for any other commercial use of the material.

2. Competitors will be required to participate in other events requested by House of Culture and Mas Factor during the year of the competition as per contractual agreements.

3. The winners of this competition will be to perform at other events in Carnival City and is prohibited from performing at other event for 6 months without the expressed consent in writing from House of Culture and Mas Factor during this period.

4. All competitors must be 18 years and over

5. Open to all Citizens / Residents of Canada


6. Registration open to both male and female participants.​

7. A masquerade costume shall be titled and registered by the Competitor, Designer, or Representative for competition on or before June 30th, 2022. (Late registration will not be accepted.)


8. Any changes in name of Costume, Competitor, or Designer must be submitted in writing no later than ten (15) business days before the competition. If notification is not given, the costume will not be allowed to compete and will be disqualified.


9. The name of the competitor must also be registered. On the day of the show, if for any reason the registered competitor is unable to appear in the costume, an alternate name must be submitted Head Judge or registration desk 1 hour before the presentation.

10. Costumes must be no more than 10' feet in height and 8' wide to the tip of plumes.


11. The use of OPEN FIRE (Such as Firecrackers and Pyrotechnics) IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


12. Competitors, Designers, or their representatives are not allowed to discuss any matters with or submit any materials to the judges during the competition.


13. Each participant must appear in their drawn position. Failure to do so may result in the loss of 5 points for not being ready to proceed when called upon by the Judges.


14. In the event there is a tie, the highest and lowest points will be reinserted in order to determine the winner. Should there still be a tie; the overall ranking of the judges will determine the winner.





1st place -                          $5,000

2nd place                          $3,000

3rd place -                         $2,000

4th place                           $1,500

Best Costume Design           $1,000


Appearance Fees - TBD on attaining 85% of total points.


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