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HOC is expected to play an important role within the community. Caribbean expressions has become an integral part of the summer events in major countries. When considered in light of its cultural traditions, Caribbean carnivals and events are measured by the numbers in attendance and its economic impact. But more importantly its ability to consistently showcase the Caribbean’s multicultural heritage.

Our vision is to harmonize the community and represent togetherness through the establishment of opportunities for creative practitioners to work in environments that showcase the rich talents and expressions in an effort to align themselves to achieve the level of success and recognition in mainstream industries.

This participatory involvement defines an important cultural aspect of our heritage by showcasing the artistic excellence of the Caribbean while passing on our heritage to the younger second and third generation of immigrants who are not acquainted with their historical background and ancestral culture.


  • To become an advocate for the improvement of the services and status of Caribbean artists.

  • To showcase the artistic skills of the Caribbean culture year-round, through community engagement and cultural presentations.

  • To stimulate and enhance initiatives led by community members and stakeholder groups to make creativity an essential component of urban development, notably through partnerships involving the community.

  • Strengthen the creation, production, distribution, and dissemination of cultural activities, goods, and services.

  • Development of hubs of creativity and innovation to broaden opportunities for creators and professionals in the cultural sector.

  • Improve access to and participation in cultural life as well as the enjoyment of cultural goods and services, notably for vulnerable groups and individuals.

  • Fully integrate culture and creativity into the community development strategies and plans.

  • Develop and strengthen international relations between cities that recognize creativity and culture as a strategic factor for sustainable economic development.

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