Denise was a fearless leader, a passionate advocate for Black music. As a role model and mentor, she championed the cause of the black community for decades.

She was an iconic figure who spent countless hours helping to promote and celebrate Canadian talent. Her contributions to the Jamaican Canadian community, the world of reggae, and the Black entertainment scene, producing and promoting many top artists will always be remembered.



Arnold migrated to Canada in 1969, where he lived a life of adventures with a commitment to the excellence and advancement of Caribbean carnival culture, with a passion for costume design and creation. In 1987, he produced his first band in Canada winning the coveted Band of The Year title twice (1988 and 1993). Over the years he produced spectacular character costumes in both the Junior and Senior King & Queen showcases with his 2019 Senior Queen costume obtaining top awards for his presentation.  As a bandleader and role model, he was well-liked and respected by many in the Toronto Carnival community.  Arnold was passionate about hockey and was a life-long fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. He most recently became a fan Toronto Raptors.